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Fixed Commode Chairs:

Fixed commode chairs are suitable for users who require a s stationary toileting aid with added stability and support. These chairs feature a durable frame with non-slip feet to prevent sliding and ensure safety during use.

Available in a range of designs and styles, our fixed commode chairs are designed to blend seamlessly into any bathroom or bedroom environment while providing reliable support and comfort for users.

Shower Commode Chairs:

Our shower commode chairs combine the functionality of a commode chair with the convenience of a shower chair, making them ideal for users who require assistance with bathing and toileting activities.

Constructed from durable materials that are resistant to water and corrosion, our shower commode chairs are designed for use in wet environments and feature comfortable seating and ergonomic design for enhanced user comfort and safety.

Commode Wheelchairs:

Commode wheelchairs offer the combined benefits of a wheelchair and a commode, providing users with mobility assistance and toileting capabilities in one convenient device.

These wheelchairs feature a commode seat with a removable bucket or pan, allowing users to easily access bathroom facilities while seated in the wheelchair.

With sturdy construction, adjustable features, and comfortable seating, our commode wheelchairs offer versatility and functionality for users with mobility challenges.

Scissors, Knife to scalpel to electrocautery,Retractors,Forceps,Hemostat/clamp are the five tools used by the surgeons

Most surgical instruments are crafted from stainless steel or titanium, the latter being utilized for non-magnetic instrument requirements. Stainless steel, an alloy containing at least 12% chromium, is chosen for its corrosion resistance.

High-demand surgical products include surgical sutures and staples, handheld surgical instruments, grasping instruments, retractors and dilators, cutting instruments, as well as electrosurgical devices, generators, and consumables.

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