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Electric Hospital Beds:

Our electric hospital beds offer adjustable positioning, allowing patients to find the most comfortable and supportive position for their recovery or rest.

With features such as adjustable height, backrest, and leg elevation, electric hospital beds provide versatility and convenience for both patients and caregivers.

These beds are equipped with user-friendly controls and safety mechanisms to ensure ease of use and peace of mind for patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Manual Hospital Beds:

Manual hospital beds provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for patient care in hospitals, clinics, and home settings.

Featuring manual cranks or levers for adjustments, these beds offer basic positioning options to meet the essential needs of patients without the need for electricity.

Manual hospital beds are sturdy, durable, and easy to operate, making them suitable for a wide range of healthcare environments.

We have wide range of Beds with advanced medical motor system with CPR readiness, 5 functions electronic bed, side railings, saline rod, mattress and urn hook. It comes with 5 min battery backup and two remotes – one for normal use and one for CPR locking function. Enjoy the comfort and safety of a smart bed!

Enhanced Hospital Bed Features:

1. CPR Control:
– Dedicated CPR control for quick and easy adjustment of the bed to the emergency CPR position.
– Enables healthcare professionals to rapidly respond to critical situations with minimal disruption.

2. Remote Control:
– Includes a user-friendly remote control for convenient and wireless adjustment of bed settings.
– Allows caregivers to customise the bed’s position without direct contact, enhancing efficiency and patient comfort.

3. Electronic Height Adjustment:
– Electronically adjustable height to accommodate various medical procedures and assist with patient transfers.
– Provides ergonomic working heights for healthcare professionals, reducing strain and promoting efficiency.

4. Electronic Head Adjustment:
– Electronically adjustable head section to cater to patients’ comfort and medical needs.
– Facilitates easy positioning for activities such as reading, eating, and medical examinations.

5. ABS Panels:
– Constructed with durable and impact-resistant ABS panels for enhanced strength and longevity.
– The smooth surface is easy to clean and maintain, meeting high hygiene standards in healthcare settings.

6. Central Locking System:
– Central locking mechanism to secure all adjustment functions simultaneously.
– Enhances safety by preventing unintended adjustments and ensuring the bed remains in the desired position.

7. Heavy-Duty Castors:
– Equipped with heavy-duty castors for smooth and stable mobility, even on various floor surfaces.
– Ensures easy manoeuvrability for caregivers and facilitates efficient room management.

These advanced features make the hospital bed not only versatile and efficient but also prioritise patient safety and caregiver convenience in various medical scenarios.

We have 8 types of hospital beds, 1 Function Manual bed, 2 Function Manual Bed, 3 Function Manual Beds, 2 Function Electronic Beds, 3 Function Electronic Beds, 5 Function Electronic Beds. 5 function Electronic Bed with CPR, 7 Function Electronic Beds

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Hospital beds are designed to provide comfort and support for patients who are recovering from illness, surgery, or injury. It allows patients to find the most comfortable position for rest, which is crucial for their recovery process.

Manual beds are operated by hand using a crank or lever, while electronic beds are powered by an electric motor and can be adjusted using a remote control.

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