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Walking Aids

When it comes to aiding mobility for senior citizens and the elderly, walkers are invaluable companions. Medura Healthcare offers a diverse selection of walkers designed to provide stability, support, and independence. Now, you can easily purchase walkers online, ensuring convenience and accessibility for you or your loved ones.
At BSC, we understand the importance of finding the right walker to meet the unique needs of senior citizens and the elderly. At BSC we offer a wide range of walkers at competitive prices, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality. With just a few clicks, you can purchase a walker that provides comfort, stability, and peace of mind.Find a wide selection of high-quality walking aids designed to enhance mobility and independence, available at Bombay Surgical Company.

The ARREX M110 WALKER is here to help you stay active and mobile. Its foldable lever and adjustable height let you find the perfect fit, and the non-slip rubber shoes and light weight make it comfortable and easy to use. Weight-bearing up to 110 kgs, you can stay safe and confident with every step.


Walkers and walking sticks offer numerous benefits for senior citizens and the elderly:

Enhanced Stability: Walkers provide additional support, helping seniors maintain balance and stability while walking.

Increased Independence: With the assistance of a walker, elderly individuals can continue to move around independently, reducing reliance on others for support.

Fall Prevention: By providing a stable support base, walkers help minimise the risk of falls and injuries, promoting safety and well-being.

Improved Confidence: A walker can boost confidence and self-assurance, enabling seniors to remain active and engaged in daily activities.


Walkers come in various types, each offering unique features and benefits:

Standard Walkers: These basic walkers feature four legs with rubber tips for stability and are suitable for individuals who require minimal support.

Rolling Walkers (Rollators): Equipped with wheels and hand brakes, rollators offer greater manoeuvrability and are ideal for seniors who need additional support while walking.

Folding Walkers: Designed for portability and convenience, folding walkers can be easily folded for storage or transport, making them perfect for travel.

Specialised Walkers: Some walkers have added seats, baskets, or adjustable height settings to accommodate specific needs and preferences.

There are many types of walking aids like crutches, canes, walkers rollators, walking poles etc

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Types of Walking Aids for Elderly People are Canes, Crutches, Walkers, ,Wheelchairs etc

A walking aid is one of the devices a patient can use to improve their walking pattern, balance or safety while mobilising independently.

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